Introducing #newtoWHO. Because everybody is new to Who at some point.

Doctor Who is the most downloaded show on iTunes.

Doctor Who lands on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

The Tenth Doctor parachutes out of the TARDIS with The Queen and lights the flame at the Olympics. <- Okay, maybe that was our headcanon.

Over the past two months we’ve gotten more messages from new fans of Doctor Who than anything else. Many of them have said that they started watching Doctor Who just because of the fandom on Tumblr.

This is AWESOME.

Each year, Doctor Who becomes bigger than ever. So we’ve decided to start a new challenge.  Whether you love Classic Who, Nine, Ten, or Eleven, we want to know your story.  We want to hear how you became newtoWHO?

There’s a Season 5 marathon on BBC America today where we’re running the #newtoWHO hashtag:

And people are starting to share their stories using #newtoWHO on Twitter:

This is just the beginning.

Over the next month, we’ll be sharing your stories on the blog, on Twitter, on Anglophenia, and on TV.

And it’ll all lead to something even more special.

But let’s start with these three questions:

• How did you become a fan of Doctor Who?

• Who told you about The Doctor?

• What was the first episode of Doctor Who you ever saw?

Make a post. Tell your story however you like: words, photos, video, drawings — whatever!

Tag it newtoWHO (one word) and let’s all get to sharing.

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