we’re going to fly planet earth back home

We’re watching Journey’s End right now on bbcamerica as part of Doctor Who Takeover Week. Come watch with us!

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Defender of the Earth | 15/∞ 


Defender of the Earth | 15/∞ 

If you’re at home watching the telly alert: Journey’s End is on BBC America right now.



Donna: But, Rose is comin’ back, isn’t that good?

Doctor: YEAH!



We’re showing The Stolen Earth on the channel right now (Saturday, 3p EDT/12p PDT.)


And Journey’s End is about to begin.

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Does it need saying?

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Doctor Who Series 4: Turn Left and Journey’s End

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50 Days of Doctor Who 50th: October 07


Favorite episode?

All I know is that I start seal-clapping as soon as the Stolen Earth/Journey’s End crazy credits come up. That two-parter is my all-time favorite, even if it is a little rushed at the end. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it has all of the New Who companions I’d come to love, and their companions, all working together. 


When everyone pilots the TARDIS with one of my favorite Murray Gold musical selections playing… that’s the ultimate Who moment for me. It’s something that had never happened in Doctor Who history, and it’s something that, sadly, can never be recreated.

50 Days of Doctor Who 50th: What is your favorite episode of Doctor Who?

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alt Journey’s End ending

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"How was that sentence going to end?"

"How was that sentence going to end?"

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Probably one of the worst moments of all time.

Look how he reaches for her. His best friend. He just wants her to show some recognition. That she is still in there somewhere. He just wants his best friend back. 


#Sometimes when I rewatch this episode #and when this part comes up #I always wonder just what is going through the Doctor’s head#I imagine it might be the first memory of her he ever had #that moment she randomly appeared within his TARDIS and just how confused and excited he’d been at the situation #or maybe even all the adventures he never talked to her about #and he wonders just how many amazing things he could have shown her #would have been able to show her had it not been for everything that had led up to her forgetting him #and I wonder if he finds that just the touch of her hand in this small handshake was painfully beautiful #because it took him back to all the times he took her hand #and ran #maybe it was the most painful thing he’d ever experienced and maybe he made a note of that in this moment #that he could never run while holding her hand again

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You act like such a lonely man.

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Doctor Who Series 4: Journey’s End

This post also serves as a reminder that the Doctor Who Tumblr SXSW Meetup is happening tomorrow (March 9) in Austin Texas.

In our head it’ll look kind of like the gifset above.

We’re going to live-curate the Doctor Who Tumblr from 2p-3p CST so send us questions, suggestions and more through our fanmail and ask.

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No really.

Doctor Who Series 4: Journey’s End

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