the 12 regenerations of christmas

a traditional gallifreyan carol by lionversusbear

on the first regeneristmas, the (companions) gave to me

susan gave to me, a stolen sexy time machine
jamie gave to me, two beating hearts
jo grant gave to me, three neutron flow reversals
sarah gave to me, 4 knit scarves
tegan gave to me, 5 gold celery
peri gave to me, 6 garish rainbows
ace gave to me, 7 question marks
grace gave to me, 8 one-off movies
rose gave to me, 9 leather jackets
donna gave to me, 10 converse trainers
amy gave to me, (11 cool things) a jammy dodger, a fez, a bowtie, space helmet, a stetson, a tweed jacket, a pirate hat, green coat, a crayon, fish fingers and custard
russell t davies gave to me 507 total regenerations

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