So I went to Doctor Who: The World Tour, in Mexico City, last Sunday. It was awesome. Mi first time in Mexico city so there are some pictures there, and the others from the awesome cosplayers.

Got this perfect luck with the Cyberman, face to face with him, he almost deleted me.

Doctor Who : The World Tour, one of the best experiences ever.  


I had such a good time doctorwho world tour yesterday

I got Chris Hardwick’s signature

And he said he loved me 😍

Some fantastic pictures from Saturday’s #DWWorldTour event in Seoul, South Korea. Next stop, Sydney, Australia!

Thank you all for your support.  Doctor Who: The World Tour in New York is now sold out.  We look forward to seeing those of you who got ticketsthis Thursday.  For those who didn’t, we’re sorry we couldn’t accommodate you this time around.   We hope you’ll be tuning in on Saturday, August 23 @ 8:00pm ET for the new season.

Doctor Who: The World Tour
U. S. Premiere Fan Screening Event
Ziegfeld Theater, New York, NY

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FANTASTIC cosplay from this morning’s #DWWorldTour event in Seoul, South Korea.


He transformed the pain of his tormented life into ecstatic beauty. Pain is easy to portray but to use your passion and your pain to portray the ecstasy and joy and the magnificence of our world, no one had ever done it before. Perhaps no one ever will again.



I have only been a Whovian for about a year. Matt was my first ‘Real Time’ regeneration and I stayed up till 4am to see Peter announced as the new Doctor. I watched all the ‘NuWho’ in 2 weeks, before watching all the older Who’s in about a month. My bestfriend and I had a Pizza party at 5am during the 50th special which was my first ‘Real Time’ episode.

I was always skeptical about watching Doctor Who, I knew bits and pieces about it, as anyone does. Ask anyone in the world what a Tardis or Dalek is and they will probably know. But it didn’t peak my interest, the concept didn’t scream out my name. So I never gave it a chance. My best friend was one of the biggest fans I knew. I remember about 4 years ago her coming to school with red and puffy eyes, and when I asked her what was wrong she told me it was because ‘David Tennant had regenerated into Matt Smith last night’. I had no idea what she was going on about, but I just hugged her and smiled because I was a friend, secretly wondering why she was crying over a show (When I watched David regenerate into Matt I used an entire box of tissues and properly cried.) After years of nagging me, and making Doctor Who references I never understood, I agreed to watch 1 episode, ‘Rose’.

She had always said to me ‘Matt will be your Doctor I guarantee it, his personality as The Doctor is just so you’, I am studying to be an actor and she said he is brilliant. But she wouldn’t let me watch a Matt episode as my one, it had to be Rose because ‘I want you to wonder what Matt is like so you have to keep watching.’ I did keep watching, I couldn’t stop watching, 3 days after I watched ‘Rose’ I was still thinking about how amazing Christopher Ecceleston was, so I watched more, then David came and I couldn’t stop, I knew Matt was coming and I was excited. When Matt became the Doctor I knew he was mine, my friend was right, he was just me. When he said ‘Nobody human has anything to say to me today’ I got chills, I had never gotten chills from a TV show before. I spent my days and nights thinking about Doctor Who, having Doctor Who sleepovers with my friend. I even got tally marks tattoed on my arm to represent the Silents. I also met Arthur Darvill on my 19th birthday and nearly died. I can honestly say this show has touched my heart, all the companions, all the Doctor’s from Hartnell to soon to be Capaldi have made me laugh and cry (especially Matt when he regenerated i was inconsolable and I now have a T-Shirt with his last line on it). It is truly an amazing show and everything I own has some small DW reference on it.

My friend always brags to me that I owe her for showing me the best thing in my life. 

Who first got you into Doctor Who?


Mission accomplished! I’m the Doctor’s new companion :D

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So, I made a Doctor Who cup.


Sonic screwdriver paper sculpt trio 

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