Show me River Song.

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Dad just walked through the house like a stage manager yelling “5 minutes till The Doctor!! 5 minutes till the Doctor!”


Such a lovely nerdy father.

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Space Hamsters: Day 12: Name a Doctor Who TV crossover that you would love to see...


Doctor Who/Land of the Lost (70s show)

Many of you might be wondering “What in the world is Land of the Lost?” Well, it was a sci-fi kids show that aired in the 1970s! Just like another show I’ve grown so fond of. *cough*doctor who*cough*.  This show occurs in a parallel universe just like that Doctor Who show also does! This show is filled with objects from other worlds, including aliens and dinosaurs.

Oh, and did I mention that in the Land of the Lost there are these ‘living machines’ called Pylons:


that are bigger on the inside then they are on the outside? Don’t take my word for it, see what they actually say in the show:

I think i’ve seen this line before somewhere….


AND, there are these lizard like people called the Sleestak who attack our protagonists, that are oodly similar to the Silurians.

Needless to say the TARDIS landing in the Land of Lost would add many exciting adventures for the Doctor and his companions.  And maybe the Doctor could ride around on a dinosuar!

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