palvinsass asked: as a new Whovian, what would be some good merchandise to get? im thinking of getting Tenth's Sonic Screwdriver, Journal of impossible things, and maybe one more thing.

What say you, Whovians?

just watched my first episode of Doctor Who


finished watching “Vincent and the Doctor” because I just did a presentation in art history about Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and because I’ve heard the show is awesome.

I cried watching the ending. Absolutely amazing.

Thank you Netflix, because I am now hooked on Doctor Who.

i have officially decided to begin watching Doctor Who!


finally and after years of putting it off.


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Make them do this and get used to it, simple :3.

New Whovian Stories.




Lauren I am so proud of you. I always knew you were the most awesome of all my friends.

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A list of things about Classic Who...


Okay so my bestie is going to start watching classic who with me after my birthday (he wants to start with an Unearthly Child, which I’m hopefully getting as a present) and I thought I’d write a list of things to tell him about the classic stuff so that he knows what to expect. I thought I’d share it with you here.

1.This is the Doctor you love, but not the Doctor you know.

To begin with we see a very different Doctor than the one we see today. And that’s fine. In fact it’s more than fine, it’s wonderful. He wouldn’t still be on our screens if he hadn’t changed. Sometimes he is grumpy. Sometimes he doesn’t know the answer. Sometimes he almost gets everyone killed. But one of the many reasons that I love the Doctor so much is that he grows and you get to see him grow. We see him mature, learn how to love, learn how to think, learn how to understand. In the beginning he is driven by excitement, he doesn’t stop to think about the dangers. He’s not always nice. But that’s the beautiful thing about Who. It’s an almost 50 year long journey we take with the Doctor. He literally changes and grows in front of our eyes. But the key thing to do is see how much stays the same. The love of travel, the need for someone else to ground him. Unbridled enthusiasm at the thought of new places, new spaces left unvisited.

2. Effects and fancy sets aren’t everything.

Forget the computer based technology of today. It isn’t going to happen. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. The story’s are beautiful. Some of them are so wonderful in their design and delightful in their execution that you don’t care. The focus is on the characters, their experiences and their struggles. A good storyline beats special effects every time. Of course there are still times where you are floored by what you just saw because you know they were operating on a shoestring budget and you can’t comprehend how they managed to do that for so little.

3. Change. It happens. Frequently.

Characters will come and go, a lot. Often never to be spoken of again. The sooner you learn this, the easier it will be to accept it when the companion you’ve grown painfully attached to leaves.

4. It’s a kids show but it’s not just for kids.

Don’t fall for the misconception that early Who was just for kids and it’s not going to be intellectually stimulating. There is a lot happening, and some of it would fly straight over a child’s head. There are serious tales of oppression, laden with symbolism. There is a lot of violence implied off screen. People die. It isn’t all fun and games, no more than the Doctor Who of now. At it’s core, Doctor Who is a show about the struggle for survival, human and otherwise. It’s something we can all related to.

5. The companions are just as smart, and just as badass.

Heard that the old companions were a bunch of scaredy cats who ran around screaming while the Doctor got **** done? Wrong. Barbara Wright ran over a Dalek with a truck. Jo resisted the Master’s attempts to hypnotise her. Romana could stop both her hearts and fake death. Leela was Leela. Nyssa built a sonic booster by herself to take out an android that had previous disarmed and overpowered Fivey, Tegan, and Adric. Ace McShane gave a Dalek a good old thumping with a baseball bat. Grace Holloway barely reacted when a man who jumped in her car when she was trying to drive home proceeded to walk through a glass door. My point is that the old companions were amazing. Every single one of them.

What else would you add?

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I’m now officially addicted to Doctor Who


So, since I’m now new to the fandom, I need more Doctor Who blogs to follow. Reply or reblog this and I shall follow as many as I can!

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Watching The First Episode of Doctor Who.


Aghh, I hope I can join the Doctor Who fandom!

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Doctor Who: new ebook recalls the BBC's gamble on a now roaring success

via Anglophenia:

If you’re new to the Whoniverse, or have only come to enjoy the show since the relaunch, there’s a new ebook, compiled by the Guardian, which seeks to bring together the whole story, from the show’s earliest years to the modern day, with one eye on the reactions from critics and audience alike. Martin Belam, the book’s editor, explains more in the Guardian.

I love reading through the Doctor Who tag and seeing posts from people who just started watching it.


It makes me want to reach through the screen, high five them, and hand them a jelly baby. And then tell them they need to start watching the classic series to get the jelly baby thing, but it’s okay if they wait. There’s PLENTY of time to get to those. Just enjoy the new awesomeness. And welcome to the club. :)

I wanna be a Doctor Who fan so effin bad!!!


its another one of those things where i feel as though i missed my chance years ago lol i feel if i tried now i would be to far behind in the history that it would be so hard to understand anything because Doctor Who is such on iconic ongoing series. but you know i just might try! because it looks like something i would LOVE!!! BBC series’s are always good 

Dear crazy-classic:

Neil Gaiman’s advice to people who are new to Doctor Who…

“People are intimidated. They think that there’s 47 years worth of stuff they need to know before they can enjoy anything. And what you want to say is, No. Look, there is a blue box. It is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. It can go anywhere in time and space and sometimes even where it’s meant to go. And when it turns up there’s a bloke in it called the Doctor, and there will be stuff wrong and he will do his best to sort it out and he will probably succeed, because he’s awesome. Now sit down, shut up, and watch “Blink.”

-love, Doctor Who Tumblr

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Okay fine tumblr…


Okay fine tumblr I will start watching Doctor Who, sheesh

#doctor who in and all around my dash like okay

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The speed with which I am becoming a Whovian is astounding me.

Also Neil Gaiman now counts in a list of my Absolutely Most Favorite People Ever, also known as People I Must Meet Before Dying. So far the list amounts to… a grand total of two people. Him and David Bowie.

That’s how much I like Neil Gaiman now.

and Welcome!

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Can anyone rec me some Classic Who to start watching?


I just realized I have all these unseen episodes to fill the gap in my soul until Christmas :D

"It’s a very delicate process."

"It’s a very delicate process."

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