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Amy and Rory are gone, the Doctor is considering retirement, the new companion bears an uncanny resemblance to a dead Dalek, and evil snowmen are on the loose — now what? With less than a week until the Doctor Who Christmas special (airing December 25 at 9 on BBC America, sans Ponds, sniff), Vulture rang up series boss Steven Moffat with all our burning questions, and boy did he oblige. He spills on what’s next (the Doctor on a submarine!), why he doesn’t believe his version of Who is all that complicated, and how it would be “intolerable” for David Yates to bring the Tardis to the big-screen. Of course, we threw in a question about the delay to Sherlock. Read on to see why he pretty much told us to keep calm. 

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the-lusty-argonian said: What interview is that gif from? (The gif of Karen and Matt bursting out laughing while Arthur is talking)

It’s from their April 2011 interview with New York Magazine and it’s one of our favorites! (embed below)

Matt, Karen, and Arthur Play Pinball, Talk DW Series 6 in NYC’s East Village

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill discover a ‘Doctor Who’ pinball machine in NYC’s East Village.

via ‘Doctor Who’ Castmates are Pinball Wizards in NYC’s East Village’ at New York Magazine

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