If you’re interested in venturing into the world of Doctor Who….I have some advice. (do it).

(it’s late but technically it’s still Whovian Wednesday)

This is some great advice for anyone who is #NewtoWHO to start watching.

And if you are new to Doctor Who, HELLO. Welcome! May we direct you to check out the #NewtoWHO tag if you’d like? This is going to be fun.


I’m.. I’m starting it.. I’m taking the plunge.. 

After years of begging from my peers..

After years of anticipation leading up to this moment..

I’m going..

to start..

Doctor Who.

warmhugsnowflakes said: Me and my friend are planning to watch Doctor Who for the very first time. (yaaaaay) Any suggestions on where we should start? :)

First and foremost: YAAAAAY. Congratulations on being #NewtoWHO.

Secondly, who better to recommend where to start with Doctor Who than your future Doctor Who fan friends?

Send your suggestions for where to start watching Doctor Who to warmhugsnowflakes!



I’m now a Whovian
Awh yiss

Welcome and congrats on being #NewToWho!

There’s a lot of stuff to look forward to and we hope you have fun being a part of the fandom!

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lingulus said: What qualifies you to be a Whovian? I've been watching Doctor Who on Netflix for about three weeks and I love it, I'm at season 6 now.

Are you a Doctor Who fan and do you want to be a Whovian? Then congratulations you are a Whovian!

That’s the great thing about Who. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve watched for 50 years or 50 minutes, as long as you’re excited about Doctor Who and other Doctor Who fans.

Now lets talk about your favorite episode in Season 6 so far.

the-oklakansan said: So I've recently started watching doctor who and I must say its really good. Even though I've started with 9 I'm really upset about Matt smith. He was the biggest reason I started watching it in the first place.

Oh that’s brilliant news! If you pace yourself, you can have several months before you even get to Matt’s seasons!

Besides, we’re so jealous that you get to experience every one of our favorite episodes for the first time!


I am officially addicted to doctor who


I KNOW I SHOuLD HAVE DONE THIS A LOT MoRE EARLIER, I’ve been watching it for a while now and I simply am in love with it. I need to follow more whovian blogs!


Welcome to the fandom and congrats on being #NewToWho!


Classmate was having some struggs identifying which Doctor she’d watched so I made her a chart

arthur-thehorse said: To the person who has never watched doctor who and wants to start; If you're planning on starting with the Classic Who, start from the first season, which starts with the very first doctor (beware, some of the episodes are missing, and or are difficult to find) but if you're planing to start with New Who, I suggest you start with the first season, which has the Ninth Doctor (New Who is all on Netflix). Good luck :)

Thanks for the #NewtoWHO advice.

portady said: If I have never seen Doctor Who, EVER, which season should I begin my journey on?

Firstly, let us be the first to say open our big squishy arms to say WELCOME. Congratulations on being #NewtoWHO!

Suggestions on which season to start with?

sharksinspace: Highlights of my day...


Highlights of my day:

  • sitting next to a non-fan (who was there with his friend and their tiny sons who are all fans) who was nonetheless genuinely interested in learning about the show and the fandom and kept asking me things
  • the aforementioned sons (dressed as Ten and Six) apparently loving my costume but being too shy to say something
  • getting all the trivia titlecards correct and impressing the non-fan next to me
  • being impressed myself because that guy’s kid (the one dressed as Six) actually was getting most of them right too
  • some guy leaning in and saying “NICE ADRIC SHIRT!” in an oddly conspiratorial tone as he walked up the stairs next to my seat
  • delicious macarons from Cako.  This has nothing to do with Doctor Who, I just wanted to mention how delicious they were.
  • missing my stop on the train ride home because I was too busy tweeting about Doctor Who

tenth doctor’s regeneration 

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Do the thing to this video, too!

Stewdippin does a fantastic job explaining his Whovian love for those who might be #New to WHO. Show him some love back by leaving him a comment and liking his video.

Remember, shh! We didn’t send you there!


There’s a group of apparently new Whovians watching The Eleventh Hour in the student center, laughing and gasping at all the right moments. I’m so happy for new Whovians!!

We love new Whovians too!

Speaking of being #New to WHO, we use that tag here at Doctor Who Tumblr to meet new Doctor Who fans. This weekend during the 50th Anniversary, there will be lots of people who are #New to WHO, so let’s welcome them into our stumpy, oleaginous arms with big, warm hugs and toothy grins.

(Sometimes we use #NewtoWHO - it depends on the day. On The Day of the Doctor, we will use both.)

PouLovingUnicorns: I´ve successfully converted a new Whovian!



My friend Alegrameeldia is now one of us!

He´s fangirling already hahaha

He´s started with Eleven cause he wants to watch the 50th anniversary with our other whovian friends, but after that he´ll watch Nine and Ten too.

The poor thing is SO heartbroken cause we just watched “Cold Blood" and the end got to him >3<

Now we´re watching “Vincent and the Doctor" and let me tell you, guys, he´s TOTALLY gonna cry in the end…So hooked up already hahaha

I´m so proud…

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