His take on The Doctor’s new personality is also quite specific. “This character presents himself to those around him a certain way, but in fact, there’s a completely unknown Doctor that is rarely revealed to those around them,” Capaldi says. “Because that other Doctor probably exists on a whole other plane and has a relationship with the universe that is probably beyond the ken of human beings.”
TV’s New Doctor Who Has An Old Connection To The Series : Monkey See : NPR
He couldn’t win a football game if he tried, and while he’s spry, he’d probably lose a fist-fight with Indiana Jones. The Doctor is cerebral, sentimental and mostly nonviolent. One of the best moments of the series comes at the end of an episode called “The Doctor Dances,” with the Time Lord smiling broadly and shouting to his cohort: “Everybody lives, Rose! Everybody lives!” Neither Rambo nor Captain Kirk of Star Trek could ever say the same.

The Doctor, An Utterly Millennial Hero : NPR


NEIL GAIMAN: My Favorite Doctor Who Moments

Watch an exclusive video with award-winning writer NEIL GAIMAN (Coraline, The Sandman, Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife) behind-the-scenes on the set of BBC America’s new original TV special WAIT WAIT…DON’T TELL ME!: A Royal Pain in the News - and uncover his favorite moments from the 2011 season of Doctor Who.

Find out which “marvelous” episodes from 2011’s season 6 rank as Neil’s favorites. Which episode has “sheer barking-mad, screwball audacity”? Which one is “beautiful and heartbreaking”? Can you guess which he describes as “a giant Hollywood blockbuster” and “everything you could possibly want”? And which episode made him “jealous and grumpy” after they pursued a similar idea… until he saw it and realized “it’s better than anything [Neil] would’ve done with that idea”?

Neil will also be on the BBC America special Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! (yes, the NPR show) on Friday December 23rd at 8pm.

(Source: youtube.com)

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