50 Day Doctor Who Challenge:


November 20: How do you think the Eleventh Doctor will regenerate?

Nope.  It’s not even gonna happen so I’m not even giving you an idea.  Because it’s not gonna happen.  The Christmas special is a lie.

I’m not in denial at all

This is the 50 Days of Doctor Who 50th!

Doctor Who 50 Day Challenge


Day 47 (Nov. 19th): Pick a companion that is no longer travelling with the Doctor. Where do you think they are now?

I’m actually gonna pick two.


I bet Martha Jones and Mickey Smith are still together defending the Earth. The reason they ended up together was because they each loved someone who didn’t love them back. They talk about the Doctor from time to time: the fun they had, the emotional roller coasters they went through, and the ways the Doctor gave them better lives and helped them discover their true purposes.


This is the 50 Days of Doctor Who 50th!

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