doctor who tropes // word arcs

These are just some of the word arcs in the show that serve to lead the audience to big resolutions at the series finales (usually). 

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Little Shop of Horrors: 30 Days of doctor Who: Day 20


Day 20: What’s your favorite “guest appearance” by someone from history?

Queen Victoria was my favorite historical figure by far. Good God, Tooth and Claw was a hysterical episode! I loved it, and I loved the portrayal of Queen Victoria, and I love how this episode humanized her. And the whole “I am not amused” bit throughout the hour was pure hilarity, Davies was pure genius in how he wrote her character. Taking this severe historical figure, and giving her a curiosity that wasn’t expected, her emotions were perfect, and her reactions were brilliant. I love how well thought out her character was. and plus! without Queen Victoria, there never would have been a Torchwood!

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