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Amazing one-off characters of series 8 (thus far).


Doodle time


Doodle time

we’re all stories in the end.

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The Doctor and Robin Hood, locked up in a cell. Is this the best you can do? Are you both determined to starve to death in here, squabbling?

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- when did you stop believing in everything?
- when did you start believing in impossible heroes?
- don’t you know?

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The Sheriff himself commanded me to listen, to find out which of you is the true ringleader.

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admit it, you like him.

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"I am the Doctor. My skills as a bowman speak for themselves."

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"There is someone I always wanted to meet."

Remember to tune in to BBC America this Saturday at 9pm/8c to see Tom Riley guest star as Robin Hood in Robots of Sherwood! [x]

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I Don't Make Up Clever Names.: Day 12: Name a Doctor Who TV crossover that you would love to see...


The issue here is that I have ideas, but they would all be too problematic.


See, I love Merlin but its too historically innacurate to make a good Doctor Who episode. Also, Arthurian legend was already sorta-kinda tackled in Battlefield. Casting issues with Colin Morgan, Anthony Head and Richard Wilson as well.


Another one of my favorite shows is Downton Abbey. Yes, it is historic, but I also think its the type of show that would suffer if it had a run-in with a Time Lord. Also, casting problems as well. All British television shows seem to run into each other with that.


I also enjoyed, for its short run, BBC’s Robin Hood. Again, there is severe problems with historical accuracy, and minor casting problems. It’s also over, so there is that problem.

Just about the only other shows I watch are Bones and NCIS occasionally. Both American crime shows, which would clash horribly with the plot of Doctor Who. The general idea is, though, that any crossovers I would like would be incredibly problematic at best.

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