Share your #RoommateFromHell story, win this ridonkulous prize pack including Being Human, Doctor Who, Primeval, The Fades, and Bedlam


As part of the premiere for Season 4 of Being Human (Saturday, February 25 at 9/8c, btw) BBC America wants you to share your best worst roommate story. In return, you get entered into a contest to win everything you see in the photo above:

Hair in the sink, odd sleep schedules, disgusting eating habits and crazy mood swings … Supernatural Saturday’s “Being Human” knows roommates suck.

But you don’t have to be a werewolf, ghost or vampire to have a beast of a roommate. So, tell us your Roommate from Hell story with a photo or video, for a chance to win a killer Supernatural Saturday prize pack including “Being Human” Seasons 1-3, multiple “Doctor Who” DVD sets, a “Doctor Who” Silence Nano-Recorder, plus much more!

To enter visit BBCAmerica

The Doctor Who swag includes Series 5, Series 6, A Christmas Carol, and The Doctor The Widow and The Wardrobe on DVD, The Silence nano recorder, a TARDIS t-shirt, an Amy Pond action figure, a TARDIS playset, The Time of Angels Mini Set, and a Dalek.

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