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DoctorWho.tv: Getting to Know Who - Series 1, Episode 1: Rose

DoctorWho.tv has an excellent episode guide called "Getting To Know Who". This is the bit they wrote about ‘Rose’:

Why it’s worth a watch

As “jumping on” points go, there are few better than Rose. It manages to reset the series perfectly for a new audience – the arrival of a new Doctor that doesn’t get bogged down in the complex business of regeneration, and (even more importantly) introducing a new companion, who we care about and whose life of “alarm-work-home-repeat” we can all relate to. There’s bags of action and running around, but this time it’s supplemented by modern (at the time) CGI. Balanced against this are moments of great stillness, like the Key Quote, above, and tonnes of comedy – mainly from the phenomenal Jackie Tyler, but also, perhaps surprisingly, from Christopher Ecceleston’s grinning Doctor. When Rose finally dashes into the TARDIS at the end, none of us can wait to join her…

You should click through for the whole thing.


5th March 2005.

The day the Autons attacked.

Favourite series one episode//places + things

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the only character to wake up normally ever

Doctor Who Series 1: Rose

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Lots of planets have a North.

Doctor Who Series 1: Rose and World War Three

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Rose Tyler.
Doctor Who Series 1: Rose

Rose Tyler.

Doctor Who Series 1: Rose

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New Who Companions: from Beginning to End.

Doctor Who, Series 1, Episode 1, Rose.

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Go home.

From Doctor Who Series 1: Rose

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doctor WHO by =SpookyChan


doctor WHO by =SpookyChan


Love Travlin - Doctor Who by ~aimeekitty


Love Travlin - Doctor Who by ~aimeekitty

Just you and me.

Series 1, The Long Game

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"Rose" premiered 7 years ago today!


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I cry every time i see this!!!!!!

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