Doctor Who 2011 Part 2 - New Launch Trailer - BBC One (by BBC)

BBC One released a new trailer today with all some new footage.

(Let us know if it doesn’t work for your ‘region’)

Seven seconds of Doctor Who Series 6 Part 2 featured in the BBC ‘Original British Drama’ trailer.

so we’ve been reluctant to post anything from the BBC ‘Original British Drama’ trailer (seen in the gifs above) only b/c we got a peek at what more is coming this weekend at Comic-Con… and it is going to be brilliant….

For a breakdown of the scenes seen in the gifs above, visit

(Source: ookerdewitt)

“I’m so excited [about] the second half of the series that’s coming up”


The actor, who plays Rory Williams on the show, told BBC News that the revelation that he is River Song’s (Alex Kingston) father is “nothing” compared to showrunner Steven Moffat’s future plans. Darvill said: “I’m so excited [about] the second half of the series that’s coming up - what Steven has done is something quite brilliant - it’s really going to surprise people.”

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