Accepting our award for Best Brand on Tumblr at the Shorty Awards HQ with CEO Greg Galant. We did it, Whovians!

Congrats to @bbcdoctorwho for winning the Shorty Industry Award for Best Brand on @Tumblr! #ShortyAwards

Congrats, Tumblr Whovians! We just want to say — the Doctor Who Tumblr is your blog and so this is your award! Great job on all of your posts. You are fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!

Now if somebody could kindly come up with an acceptance speech in 140 characters (posted in your reblog), we would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for all of the Shorty Award votes so far.

In one day we’ve gone from #Not-On-The-List to #19! Ahead of us are several One Direction sites, Miley Cyrus dot biz, The Justin Bieber Crew, and the Twitter account for Demi Lovato Brasil.

While it would be nice to win, the more important thing is that you generated tons of tweets explaining all the reasons why we should be nominated.

And yes, they’re all true.

We gave you a kidney. We bring bananas to parties. We supply endless supplies of jelly babies. We bedazzled your Ugg boots. We walked 500 miles and 500 more.

Sadly, we’re not returning your pet armadillo that we’re holding hostage. He’s teaching us to do that cool rolling up thing so we have somewhere to hide when we’re feeling awkward at parties.


Actually, if you do write a funny nomination for the Shorty Awards…

we’re going to screencap them all for a photoset.

Because that would be heelarious.

(thx, solvo-sempra)

Nominate us (Doctor Who Tumblr) for a Shorty Award.

Because, you know, why not?

If you do, the site says that you have to include a “reason” why you’re nominating someone so please write the most outlandish reason you can (see our example in the pic above.)

btw, we’re using @doctorwho_bbca on Twitter b/c somebody is squatting the name @doctorwhotumblr. Whatever. No fanmail for them.

btw, don’t bother following our Twitter account b/c all we’re doing is crossposting from here (for now) and that’s kind of bleh. We’ll let you know when we start doing something interesting from it.

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