Cybermen, Skaldak and Mr Sweet: Series 7 props at the Doctor Who Experience

Even though Series 7 has reached its dramatic conclusion, you can still relive the excitement at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, which has recently had a monster invasion!

Grand Marshal Skaldak, the mighty Ice Warrior from Cold War, stands chained to the Russian missile (or is that just his empty armour…?), alongside a tableau from Nightmare in Silver, featuring a new Cyberman, the Chess Automaton game and Warwick Davis’ Porridge costume. You can also see the grotesque Mr Sweet, poking out from Mrs Gillyflower’s beautiful Victorian dress, and the “infernal machine”, which she used to control her rocket.

They join other recent exhibits from the first part of Series 7, which include the Great Intelligence’s snow-globe, the Weeping Angel cherubs, and Oswin’s red dress, complete with soufflé whisk.

See a gallery of the new Series 7 exhibits in the Doctor Who Experience, at the link, and book tickets here.

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