magicaltrevyn said: My friends are annoying me because they're all saying "I'm not watching Doctor Who anymore because there's that old dude as the doctor, he's weird, not fit, not funny and ughh, he'll be terrible" and whenever I defend Peter Capaldi or ask why they aren't giving him a chance they either avoid the question or just say I'm stupid. Where can I find a Dalek and politely ask for my friends to be exterminated? Thanks

We’re sorry to hear you’re feeling in a tough spot with your friends.

We hope that no one feels upset by anybody who feels differently about Doctor Who. We think that generally, it’s okay to be critical about things as long as you do so without trying to make others feel bad.

What we’re saying is that it’s okay for you and your friends to feel differently about Doctor Who, or anything for that matter. We simply hope that you are kind and considerate to each other. 

The great thing about Doctor Who fans is that all of us are people invested in supporting each other and getting excited about the things we like.

We hope that all Whovians who follow the Doctor Who Tumblr are welcoming to anyone who wishes to be included in the Doctor Who community. If you want to be a Whovian, congratulations. We’re so glad you’re here.

P.S. Did we mention how excited we are for the next season?

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