I'm Out of My Mind. Please Leave a Message.: Doctor Who Summer Break Day 15:


Would you prefer to have River’s sonic blaster or the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver?

As much as I like the sonic… hand over the blaster, River.

I’m really not one for violence, but somehow I feel like the blaster would come in handy just as often (if not more) than the sonic screwdriver. Think about it- you sonic a lock, I cut a hole in the wall. And then put the wall back. You threaten (with no intent to use) with a screwdriver, I threaten (with no intent to use) with a blaster. We’ve seen about how well that worked out when fighting the Silence, remember?

I know the sonic is handy for fixing things and playing with circuitry, but let’s face it: if I’m traveling through time and space running from deadly aliens who want to kill me, I’d want a weapon. Though, if River’s future sonic was an option it might win out. Maybe. In the end it’s just flashier, I guess, and I’m always one for theatrics, especially when it involves blasting holes in things or making dramatic exits in any way. Oh, goodness, I sound like Ace now… 

Bottom line:

“You’ve got a screwdriver, go build a cabinet!”

(via tardisinwonderland-whoops-deact)

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