The explosion was incredible, I loved it! 

Behind the Scenes of The Name of the Doctor

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goodbye, ponds

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Won’t hurt.

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Clara Oswald, “The Name of the Doctor”

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Doctor Who?

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Behind the scenes photos from The Name of the Doctor

Production artwork for The Name of the Doctor

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DOCTOR WHO Inside Look: “The Name of the Doctor” Season Finale - BBC AMERICA

***SPOILER ALERT. Read below ***
Watch an All New DOCTOR WHO INSIDE LOOK at “The Name of the Doctor” - featuring Exclusive Interviews with lead writer & executive producer STEVEN MOFFAT and stars MATT SMITH and JENNA-LOUISE COLEMAN.

If you haven’t seen “The Name of The Doctor” yet, you may want to skip this video, add it to your ‘Watch Later’ list, and watch the episode first.

Hear from MATT on what makes the Whispermen “the monster of the season” and why death is never truly permanent in the world of DOCTOR WHO.

Plus, STEVEN on fun in such a twisty, dark episode: “It’s all about death and fear and all those things, but it must seem fun.”




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I blew into this world on a leaf
I‘m still blowing
I don’t think I’ll ever land

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Behind the Scenes of The Name of the Doctor

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Where am I?

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Goodbye, Sweetie.

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Eight in The Name Of The Doctor

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