Matt Smith on fans with strong opinions

  • Digital Spy:
    Is it frustrating when you hear those criticisms [that Steven Moffat doesn't "respect" the audience]? Do you want to say, 'You haven't seen the whole story yet'?
  • Matt Smith:
    No, that's the first time I've responded that way - I should have responded like that the whole time! No, it's not frustrating because that's life and that's my job and this is what I do, so that's how it is. It's fair enough, I suppose. That's the thing with Doctor Who - I don't get precious about other people's opinions of the show because that's what the show's about. That's what makes it great, is that people have strong opinions about it. But I do think that over the course of the series the things that people [have questions about will be answered].

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