tstarksbitch said: What about Family of Blood? That was both touching and scary.

Oh Gallifrey — we still have nightmares about being trapped inside of a mirror.


See the BBC Doctor Who Blog’s list of finalists for “Spookiest Episode” here.

holywowihavemovedblogs said: I cannot believe that they didn't list The God Complex as something to vote on for the spookiest episode. It is not only based off of the idea of fear, but the scenario in which one is placed in a situation where consistently living in fear and knowing that the gods and friends and prayers you believe in so strongly will destroy you, that your own faith in a higher power will be used against you, and that the only plan for survival might just mean abandoning everything but pure terror. SPOOKY.

Another good one.

See the BBC Doctor Who Blog’s list of finalists for “Spookiest Episode” here!

elleipsis said: It's a shame that an "other" option isn't listed on the poll about scary Doctor who episodes, because I think they missed the great two part episode in season 4, Silence in the library/Forest of the Dead. I made the mistake of watching it in the dark at 2am, and was actually a little nervous to turn off the lights and sleep afterwards! Count the shadows :)

You watched Silence In The Library at 2am?


Also: yeah, good spooky episode.

(See the BBC Doctor Who Blog’s list of finalists for “Spookiest Episode” here.)

sheepdean said: The poll is missing out SO many great scary Who stores - how can it not include Horror of Fang Rock or Tomb of the Cybermen? Or even The Green Death?

Good choices. This is the list of “finalists” so it’s quite possible that they were on the list at the start.

(See the BBC Doctor Who Blog’s list of finalists for “Spookiest Episode” here.)

The BBC Doctor Who blog wants to know: What's the spookiest episode of Doctor Who ever?

Blink? Midnight? The Web of Fear? The Empty Child? The Angels Take Manhattan? Something else? The BBC Doctor Who Blog wants to know what episode sends you hiding behind the sofa.

Hide - the Doctor’s new adventure on Saturday on BBC One – is a wonderfully spooky story set in a desolate haunted house. Brrrr! But it’s not the first time we’ve seen the Time Lord involved with ghostly gongs-on or spooky adventures. We wanted to find out what you thought his spookiest story has been to date. You sent us lots of suggestions and the top 12 have made it through to this selection… We’ll whittle it down to a final three on Friday but you can take part in this round by voting for any one of these adventures… Which did you think was the spookiest..?
You can now vote for your spookiest by visiting the homepage and casting your vote in the section to the lower right hand side of the page.

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