I Am Not A Dalek (Marina & The Diamonds Rewrite)

This song is one of my favorites and also basically perfect for Oswin, and after a bunch of requests from my followers I thought I’d do a parody! It actually didn’t need much rewriting at all, it was so perfect.

Sorry about the terrible mic quality, my good one died on me :(


You’ve been acting kinda weird to me
Looking like you’ve got an idea bout me
But I hope you’re still gonna save me, oh
It’s okay that you think I’m too smart
I get that a lot, but you know I’ve got heart
I know you need someone to help you out with what you’ve got

You’re vulnerable, you’re vulnerable
You hate all the Daleks
You’re lovable, so loveable
But you’re just troubled

Guess what? I’m not a Dalek, a Dalek
Guess what? I’m not a Dalek, a Dalek

You’ve been traveling with that feisty pair
The one with the nose and the one with the red hair
They seem a little tiring, maybe you need someone new
Never stopping even for a while
You’re so jaded to all of space and time
Don’t be so pathetic, just give it a try

I’m vulnerable, I’m vulnerable
I am not a Dalek
You’re lovable, so lovable
But you’re just troubled

Guess what? I’m not a Dalek, a Dalek
Guess what? I’m not a Dalek, a Dalek

Can you teach me how to feel real?
Can you get me out of here
And let me face my fears

Guess what? I am not a Dalek
Guess what? I am not a Daek

Guess what? I’m not a Dalek, a Dalek
Guess what? I’m not a Dalek, a Dalek

"TARDIS In The Snow"

a song for the Doctor Who “Best of” Christmas Special by StopItsGingerTime

You see, this is what happens when BBC America asks the Doctor Who Tumblr to help make the next Doctor Who “Best of” Christmas Special.  First, we try to get all of you on television by asking Chris Hardwick to ask you to submit videos. (btw, check out some of the video responses that have been submitted so far.)

Next, we get the awesome Trock-singing Whovian and Tumblrerererer StopItsGingerTime to write and record another call to action, this one as a song.




This is a very special song for those of you who have yet to record your response video for the DW “Best of” Christmas Special yet.


We want you to be in the next Doctor Who “Best of” Christmas Special!

Submit your most charming, witty, funny, delightful answers as a YouTube response video and your clip just might appear on the upcoming “Doctor Who: Best of the Christmas Specials” program on BBC America or online!

• Would you rather go sleigh riding with a Dalek or make snow angels with an Ood?

• Would you rather ride with Santa in his sleigh or The Doctor in his TARDIS?

• Would you rather find yourself under mistletoe with a Weeping Angel or The Silence?

• Would you rather spend Christmas traveling with the Doctor or relaxing at home with Amy and Rory?

• Would you rather eat fish fingers and custard or a traditional Christmas dinner?

• Would you rather see Santa Claus come down your chimney or the Doctor land in your yard?

• Would you rather find a Sonic Screwdriver in your stocking or a TARDIS under your Christmas tree?

The Song From The Amanda Palmer + Reggie Watts Video is by tumblr Whovian stopitsgingertime

We thought Allegra’s song was credited in the BuzzFeed post but it isn’t. So here’s the original:


Say Hello

I stole him
and he stole me
He’s my Doctor, he’s my thief 
And he told me I was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen

You stole me
and I stole you
And we flew off to do the things we’d always say we’d do
But there was one thing I wanted to say to you

Say hello, say hello
Say, Hello Doctor, I love you so

Say hello, say hello
Say that being alive is only sad when it’s over

I wanted to see the universe
So I stole a Time Lord and ran away
And we’ve been running and we’ve been flying
And we haven’t looked back since that day 

I’ll never forget the time we talked
And I want you to know how I feel
Companions may leave, they may come and go
But what we have is real

I’ll always be your best friend
I’ll be here until the end

Say hello, say hello
I’ll say, hello, Doctor, I love you so

Say hello, say never fear
Say that I will always be here
and it will never be over

This is why we love Doctor Who fans on Tumblr. YOU ARE ALL SO FRIKKIN TALENTED!!!

Also Anglophenia did an interview with her a few weeks back. Go readeth.

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