Speaking of Doctor Who Stuff…

The fine folk at BBCAmericaShop have a “Black Friday Week” Sale going on right now

We’ve highlighted some of the better Doctor Who deals:

TARDIS Bobble $13.98 (50% off)
TARDIS 4-port USB Hub $29.98 (15% off)
TARDIS “Disappearing” Mug $9.98 (50% off)
TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar $24.98 (25% off)
Doctor Who Customized Sonic Screwdriver $29.98 (25% off)
TARDIS Teapot $21.98 (45% off)
TARDIS Lidded Mug $15.98 (31% off)

Basically there are a lot of TARDIS things on sale. Other notables include Torchwood: Miracle Day on DVD for $30 and the pricey but completely awesome Doctor Who: Limited Edition Giftset that includes New Who Series 1-6, Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver, 3 art cards and the “Doctor Who at Comic Con” comic book ($234).

We’d buy it for ourselves but we’re stocking up on English Christmas Puddling With Brandy Butter (on sale for $21.98)

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