"Fear Her" episode of Doctor Who is free on iTunes (US Store)!


If you look on the iTunes homepage, there is a tab that says, “Free on iTunes”. Click on that and scroll to the “Featured TV Shows” tab. Under that is the episode.

I’m guessing it’s free in honor of the Olympics because the episode is when Rose and the Doctor travel to 2012 to see the Olympics.

We forgot to mention this. We’re sorry. We’re so sorry.

Free for a limited time only courtesy of BBC America! CLICKY!!!

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Summer of London: ‘Doctor Who’ Stars Share Their Favorite London Spots

via Anglophenia:

If you take the TARDIS to London, what sights you would you see? Continuing our Brit List: Summer of London series, we reached out to the cast of Doctor Who for their favorite hidden spots in Britain’s capital. What’s Karen Gillan‘s favorite café in London? Arthur Darvill‘s must-visit museum? Alex Kingston‘s choice place to take a stroll? Watch our interview to find out:

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