We’ve seen this actress before in “Asylum of the Daleks,” where she dazzled us with her quick deliver and ability to hold the audience captive even when she was the only one on screen. But we hadn’t seen her interact with the Doctor in person until now — and it’s a treat. Coleman takes to Matt Smith’s banter like a Star Whale to space. Watching these two spar is wonderful — it’s like watching two pixies hopped up on Red Bull go at it. It’s the exact kind of character who can fill in the giant void left by the Ponds. Clara is crazy assertive, she doesn’t let the Doctor win her over, she goes after him, and hard. Like a cunning little kitten that always finds a way to your feet, she’s there. All you need to know is, the chemistry works.
From io9’s “Spoiler Free Review of the Doctor Who Christmas Special”

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