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This video, from Matt, is dedicated to all of you.

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So this happened the other day:

The Doctor Who Official Tumblr blog hit 25,000 followers.

(All without posting a single hipster edit, gratuitous DSLR shot, or noodz.)

What makes this especially special is that, as you know, most of the stuff we post is made by you.

And that’s not b/c we’re lazy or only looking to reblog the posts with the most notes or anything like that. It’s because you are able to express this thing we all feel in ways that not many others can do but that everyone else gets.

Your love for the Doctor, Amy, Rory, River, Ten, Nine, Donna, Roes Rose, Martha, Sarah Jane, Captain Jack, the TARDIS, and every character and every story and every relationship is what makes this thing. These are your posts and — by our logic — those are your 25,000 followers.

Each post that we reblog has so much thought, so much creativity, so much meaning, so much quality attached to it that DWO (Doctor Who Official) has always been more than just the sum of its archive. The Whoniverse on Tumblr is most definitely bigger on the inside.

So we wanted to show our appreciation by making something.

We took every animated gif of yours that we’ve ever reblogged and turned it into a mosaic. And we added a special message just for you. And we put it on the jumbotron at Comic-Con. (check the video at the top of this post to see a bit of what it looks like.)

Sure, most of Comic-Con might not get it but those on Tumblr will.

So thank you(!!) for being the best fandom out there.

Keep up with the gifs and thoughts and links and vids and in-general cleverness and together we’ll keep doing this sweet sweet thing we’ve got going on here.


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