Big day for fans of walls.


#I bet the doctor is not a fan of walls

The Minotaur from The God Complex references Classic Who serial The Horns of Nimon

AMY: What is it, a minotaur? Or an alien? Or an alien minotaur? That’s not a question I thought I’d be asking this morning.
ELEVENTH DOCTOR: It’s both, actually. Yeah. Here we go. Distant cousin of the Nimon. They descend on planets and set themselves up as gods to be worshipped.

The God Complex

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from Doctor Who Series 6: The God Complex

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"Was it Amy?"

Doctor Who Series 6: The God Complex

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Room of Your Dreams - Murray Gold

Doctor Who Series 6 Soundtrack

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from Doctor Who Series 6: The God Complex

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In the end…

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KAREN:  yeah, and i do this. which is my favorite part of the scene. ready? [punches arthur]
ARTHUR: you can’t just do it in real life.

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Just a few of the significant instances where we have heard the TARDIS’s Cloister Bell.


oh Rory…


oh Rory…

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Not all victories are about saving the universe.

Not all victories are about saving the universe.

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The God Complex + The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Trailer)

"After seeing the AMAZING trailer by David Fincher for "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" I just had to make a Doctor Who Parody version. Please to enjoy…"

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As that Tardis is flying off into the sky, and that’s the end, that’s when her faith in the Doctor is restored because you can see, actually, what a noble being he is, because he’s sacrificed having his friends around.

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