Matt Smith playing charades, ladies and gentlemen.

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Premieres of all new Doctor Who, The Nerdist, and Orphan Black, March 30th on BBC America

BBC AMERICA’s Supernatural Saturday returns March 30 with all new episodes of Doctor Who and the world premieres of new original series The Nerdist and Orphan Black.

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The 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special “The Snowmen” left us with a stunning cliffhanger and an intriguing question: who is the Doctor’s new companion Clara Oswin Oswald (Jenna Coleman)? Well, as we enter the franchise’s 50th anniversary year, Whovians won’t have to wait that long for new episodes. Part 2 of Doctor Who Season 7 will premiere on Saturday, March 30 in BBC AMERICA’s Supernatural Saturday block, it has been announced, alongside the network’s new original sci-fi series Orphan Black and the comedy-variety chatfest The Nerdist.

Doctor Who returns to BBC America (US) on ‘March 30’, BBC One (UK) on ‘30 March’ , and SPACE (Canada) March 30. *Other dates to come really really soon.*







BBC America commissions a full season of The Nerdist with Chris Hardwick for 2013!

From the BBC America press release:

BBC AMERICA’s General Manager Perry Simon today ordered a full season of The Nerdist, a comedy-variety talk show based on comedian, writer, Doctor Who evangelist and web pundit Chris Hardwick’s hit Nerdist Podcast. The season will premiere in Spring 2013 as part of the channel’s signature Supernatural Saturday programming block, also home to Doctor Who, Being Human and new original series Orphan Black. Along with The Nerdist series, Chris Hardwick will be fronting the entire Supernatural Saturday programming block in the spring.
The series pick-up follows a collection of specials pegged to pop culture events throughout 2012. Matt Mira and Jonah Ray, Chris’s partners in the Nerdist Podcast, will return as contributors. The Nerdist series will be shot in Los Angeles on a brand-new set and will feature celebrity guests, UK and US-based correspondents as well as stand-up and musical performances.

Perry Simon, General Manager, Channels, BBC Worldwide America says: “We could not be more pleased to be expanding our relationship with Chris by ordering The Nerdist series with an exciting new format, as well as having Chris host our Supernatural Saturday block.  Ever since early 2011, Chris has brought his loyal legion of fans to BBC AMERICA through his successful Nerdistspecials and, as America’s #1 Doctor Who fan, hosting countless Doctor Who-related events for our channel.”
Chris Hardwick says: “As a huge fanboy of nerd culture stuff, we at the Nerdist Podcast gush about the things we love constantly, and the fact that BBCA lets us do that AS OUR JOBS puts me forever in their debt. They have been exceptional at allowing us to grow the show and its audience. Plus, I’ve met THREE Doctors since I started working there. Perry Simon doesn’t know this yet, but I’m going to hug him REALLY HARD next time I see him-until it gets awkward. Six extra seconds oughta do it.”


Not an idiot.

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Reminder: The Doctor Who #WHOyorkcity Q&A will be posted to the NERDIST YouTube channel at midnight.

You can see a bit of it in this video here.

The above gifset is from a fan recording of the video. You’ll see the whole thing soon. It is so much fun.

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There are supposed to be words here that make sense but we just can’t get over this video. This video is just… so just.


PROMO: DOCTOR WHO vs. NERDIST - All Star Celebrity Bowling (by Nerdist)

In an epic battle across time and space,Team Nerdist challenged Doctor Who and his companions to a competition for the ages. Their arena was an alien land filled with unusual creatures (San Diego Comic-Con International) and the game was one of the greatest of all time - BOWLING.

The Doctor Who All Star Celebrity Bowling Special premieres Friday, August 31st as part of the Nerdist Channel’s “Doctor Who-eekend”. It’s sure to be more fun than an Adipose weight loss program!

Matt plays charades in The Nerdist Special. Watch here.

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Arthur and Matt.
From the BBC America video, Doctor Who Cast plays Skull board game on The Nerdist

Arthur and Matt.

From the BBC America video, Doctor Who Cast plays Skull board game on The Nerdist

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#newtoWHO PSA: Chris Hardwick’s Appeal to Doctor Who Fans everywhere….

Blog Your DOCTOR WHO Story Now with #newtoWHO!

GO GO GO!!!!



Relive a great moment from BBC America’s THE NERDIST: TRIBUTE TO TIME TRAVEL - and watch as DOCTOR WHO’s MATT SMITH, KARNE GILLAN, ARTHUR DARVILL & STEVEN MOFFAT face-off in “the ultimate test of wits”: the board game called (for legal reasons) SKULL!




Chris Hardwick is back with an all new Special, THE NERDIST: TRIBUTE TO NERD GIRLS.

Don’t miss the World Premiere *** Saturday Aug 11 at 10/9c *** Immediately following the Premiere of THE WOMEN OF DOCTOR WHO AT 9/8C. Only on BBC America, home of the Biggest Nerds in British Television.

In this episode, the panel celebrates the women who boldly go where only dudes have gone before. Whether they’re pioneering new technology or kicking virtual butt, geek girls are dominating nerd culture.

Plus, very special guests FELICIA DAY, EMILY GORDON & KUMAIL NANJIANI, and a musical performance by GARFUNKEL AND OATES


Neil deGrasse Tyson THE NERDIST: Sneak Peek Aug 4 BBC America

A lot of folks asked us, of all the astrophysicists in the world, why wasn’t Neil deGrasse Tyson scheduled to be in The Science of Doctor Who Special this weekend?

That’s because HE’S IN THE NERDIST TRIBUTE TO SCIENCE premiering the same night, just after ‘The Science of Doctor Who’!!!

Get an exclusive sneak peek at BBC America’s All New Special THE NERDIST: TRIBUTE TO SCIENCE before the World Premiere *** Saturday Aug 4 at 10/9c ***  and discover the long-rumored but never-before-confirmed connection between Thomas Edison… and Jay-Z?!

Here, Chris Hardwick sits down with celebrated astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and poses the question, “Are we still discovering shocking things?”

btw, also in the episode: Danica McKellar (mathematician, also ‘Winnie’ from The Wonder Years), Cara Santa Maria (Huffington Post’s “Talk Nerdy to Me”) and Bill Nye (The Science Guy.)

'The Science of Doctor Who' premieres Aug. 4 at 9/8c on BBC America followed immediately by 'The Nerdist Tribute to Science' at 10/9c


Photos: BBC America stars align at a ‘Copper’-themed TCA party in Los Angeles, August 1, 2012

Celebrating first original scripted series, ‘Copper,’ as well as the ‘The Hour,’ ‘The Nerdist,’ ‘Richard Hammond’s Crash Course,’ and the upcoming ‘Spies of Warsaw.’

David was in town to talk about his new series Spies of Warsaw.


THANK YOU @trekkiebeth for capturing this @Team_Barrowman underpants moment at our SDCC podcast! (Taken with Instagram)

The Nerdist and John Barrowman, ladies and gentlemen.
See them all on The Nerdist Tribute to Comic-Con tonight at 9/8c on BBC America


THANK YOU @trekkiebeth for capturing this @Team_Barrowman underpants moment at our SDCC podcast! (Taken with Instagram)

The Nerdist and John Barrowman, ladies and gentlemen.

See them all on The Nerdist Tribute to Comic-Con tonight at 9/8c on BBC America

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