'Arrow' exec talks about the casting of John Barrowman casting: 'I'm a Doctor Who fan'

I’m a lifelong Doctor Who fan.  Like Peter Davison/Colin Baker, lifelong fan.  So, when John Barrowman’s name came up for this part, they said, “Well, you should call him, Andrew,” which was amazing.  I basically laid out the plan that we had for his character, and who he is and how he relates to everybody and what’s going on because we didn’t have a lot written, and I said, “So, I guess I’m asking you to take a leap of faith.” 

He said, “It’s funny, seven years ago, Russell T. Davies told me to take a leap of faith with him, and I hear your passion and creativity the way I heard his.  So, let’s do it!” 

What’s most exciting is that he’s not playing Jack.  This is a completely different character.  He’s just such a tremendously talented actor, and it’s one of the things we’re most proud of with the show.

hat tip to Digital Spy

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