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One Last Hurrah - a Matt gifset per episode: The Hungry Earth

They’re not aliens! They’re Earth…liens! Once known as the Silurian race, or, some would argue, Eocenes, or Homo reptilia. Not monsters, not evil. Well, only as evil as you are. The previous owners of the planet, that’s all. Look, from their point of view, you’re the invaders. Your drill was threatening their settlement. Now, the creature in the crypt. Her name’s Alaya. She’s one of their warriors and she’s my best bargaining chip. I need her alive. If she lives, so do Elliot and Mo and Amy. Because I will find them. While I’m gone, you four people, in this church, in this corner of planet Earth, you have to be the best of humanity. No dissecting! No examining! We return their hostage, they return ours. Nobody gets harmed. We can land this, together. If you are the best you can be. You are decent, brilliant people. Nobody dies today. Understand?

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