Comic Con News: Mark Gatiss & David Bradley Talk Doctor Who


Mark Gatiss has been feverishly working on the Doctor Who special An Adventure in Space and Time.  The story will dramatize the events surrounding the creation of the world’s longest running science fiction series.

It’s not been announced exactly when the story will air, but it’s been hinted that we’ll see it before the 50th anniversary episode.  Showing how Doctor Who began would be an excellent way to put the 50th into perspective.

Gatiss wanted to tell the story of the creation of Doctor Who.  He’d heard so many anecdotal stories, but he wanted to get to the facts and dramatize the story of how this show came to be.  He’s always had an eye for historical detail as has been evidenced in his past Doctor Who stories, many of which take place in Earth’s past, so it’ll be exciting to see all the little details that will surely be in this special.

David Bradley, who will be playing William Hartnell in the special, tells how Hartnell was also a stickler for detail.  Hartnell insisted on knowing what each control on the TARDIS console was supposed to do.  He knew children were smart enough to catch if he pushed a different button to do the same thing in a different episode.  The man respected the intelligence of his audience and even though they were children he knew never to underestimate them.

Click here to see the full video interview with Mark and David.

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