Doctorin’ the Tardis by The Timelords (The KLF)


Back when I was a DJ at ROCU, The Radio of Clark University, I was digging though the old record collection when I stumbled across a record by the Timelords (KLF, really) with the very late 80’s electronic tune called Doctorin’ the Tardis!  As an old school Doctor Who fan I immediately went Bananas over how awesome this track was both in terms of it’s love for the classic British Sci-Fi series as well as it’s unashamedly campiness!  Here is the original track and music video as a beat-up old police car smashes a few cardboard Daleks!  Enjoy the ridiculousness!

Time Lord Rock - What is time lord rock?

What is time lord rock?

Simply put, time lord rock (or “trock”) is a term to describe music about/inspired by the tv show Doctor Who.

It can be any genre or style, original or parody, professional or DIY, and it can be about the old series as well as recent ones. Sometimes, even people involved with the show sing songs about it!

(For more info and music links, check out this site.)

Regeneration is Useless (With Two Broken Hearts)


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Still Got Legs


The first thing I pulled out was a DFTBA sticker! So cute! How cute? So cute!

Then I pulled out the CD!

And here’s the back:

when opened it looks like the front of the TARDIS! AHH AMAZING!

The inside! Isn’t the CD so cool looking??

And the little booklet thing has lyrics

And a poster with all the guys! AHH!! I LOVE IT!!

Everything together:

This is definitely the best thing I have gotten in the mail. Ever.

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Just made a mix of Trock and Wrock


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a trock song I wrote called wouldn’t have missed it for the world. ignore my awkwardness. and I can post lyrics if people actually want them or anyways, hope you guys like it :3

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Turn Left - A Girl From Earth

This is the best opening to a Trock album in existence so far. Get Turn Left’s Void Stuff on iTunes.

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Guess what I’ll be listening to tonight??

On Sunday we TROCK ON!!!


Guess what I’ll be listening to tonight??

On Sunday we TROCK ON!!!

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An Awful Lot of Running - Chameleon Circuit

Reblog if you listen to Trock music.


On Sunday we Trock On!

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