She was a darling companion and wonderfully witty and kind. I’m so sorry to hear of her death.
Fourth Doctor Tom Baker on the passing of Mary Tamm

BBC News - Doctor Who actress Mary Tamm dies

If you want a full sense of Mary Tamm, check out this BBC piece honoring her life’s work.

The actress played Romana, a Time Lady from the Doctor’s home planet of Gallifrey, alongside Tom Baker’s Doctor and his robot dog K-9 in a season of six connected stories in 1978-9.

Her first story, The Ribos Operation, saw her join the Tardis crew on a quest to find the six scattered segments of the Key to Time.

Romana’s other adventures included a story called The Pirate Planet, written by Douglas Adams, and The Stones of Blood, which was the 100th story since the sci-fi show started in 1963.

Goodbye to the original and most badass Romanadvoratrelundar. :’(


You will always be my Romana, Mary…we will all miss you. :( 



Feel free to add your own Romana gifs/pics to the post. :)

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Rest in peace, Mary Tamm (22 March 1950 - 26 July 2012)

RIP Mary Tamm, The First Romana From 'Doctor Who'

Mary Tamm, the first Romana from Doctor Who has died at age 62.

Anglophenia’s Fraser McAlpine wrote it better than any of us could:

I’m writing this on behalf of every Doctor Who fan who finds it hard to know what the appropriate response may be when one of the many actors who gave their favorite show life, loses theirs. I’ve never met the actress Mary Tamm – whose death from cancer at age 62 was announced today – most likely very few people reading this have, and yet, ever since her stint as the first Romana in the last ’70s, playing an impossibly glamorous Time Lady opposite Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, she (or rather Romana) has been a very real part of my mental landscape.

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