Hello everyone. Just in case you’re visiting this blog for the very first time today, here are a few very important tl;dr notes to be aware of on this brilliantest of brilliant days.

First: If you are a newvian, you should know that today is the day of the premiere of Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 1: ‘The Impossible Astronaut’. 


Second: This episode is premiering in the UK and much of North America on the same day for the first time ever. FIRST. TIME. EVAR. This is exciting to us so we’ve made a Doctor Who Series 6 Premiere event page on The Facebooks.

Third: If you need to know time/channel info for when Doctor Who comes on locally, check your local listings at TV Guide, Yahoo TV, or the channel guide on your cable/satellite system.

There is an all day DW Marathon on BBC America today. And if you can’t watch that, there is a one hour special Doctor Who Rewind airing just before the premiere.

LizzledPink has a nice update of when DW is airing where. If you do not have BBC America on your system, break into a neighbor’s house who does today is the perfect day to visit a friend or family member who you maybe haven’t seen in a while, especially if they have BBC America. Perhaps you can make some yummy DW themed noms to nom.

Fourth and mostest: This blog is a spoiler free zone until the west coast of America catches up with the east and everyone in between.

And I’m sorry Australia and New Zealand. I’m so so sorry. We love you but we’ll probably have to talk about some of the events of tonight’s show when the premiere ends. But unlike half of the British newspapers this morning, we will be mild with our spoilers.

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