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The stretch of time between the announcement of a retiring Doctor Who actor and that of their replacement is a fevered one indeed. Every possible human entertainer with a face is examined by fans as a potential new Time Lord, then given the imaginary walkaround and twirlabout in a fanciful frock coat, and set to virtually run down a make-believe metal corridor to see if they leave the right kind of Gallifreyan chaos in their wake.

That’s what the past week has been like. Some truly bizarre names have already been thrown out there, including Tom Cruise and Simon Cowell. Then, over the weekend, two rumors erupted over the internet, the first claiming it was a three-way tie between Domhnall GleesonDaniel Kaluuya and Dominic Cooper, the second claiming Rory Kinnear had definitely got the job.

Samuel West threw his hat into the ring, claiming he had always wanted to play the Doctor, “and Hamlet. And I’ve done Hamlet.”

Radio Times had a poll, which Colin Morgan won.

And Neil Gaiman has expressed a wish that the next Doctor should not be an actor we’re already familiar with.

Meanwhile, Steven Moffat is quoted in the Radio Times as saying, “I haven’t a clue who it is, we’ve barely started.”

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