Top tech moments with the eleventh Doctor: more trouble than The Doctor can shake a Sonic Screwdriver at.

More videos from BBCAmericaTV today and tomorrow as we count down to the all-new season of DOCTOR WHO, Saturday April 23 at 9/8c on BBC America.

Reblog, if you like, with your favorite Doctor Who tech moment.

(And we define ‘technology’ broadly–ever looked it up in Wikipedia?)


Our top 11 Monsters on Doctor Who. Best to watch this alongside Newvians of your acquaintance (just pat their hands reassuringly).

Since it can’t be all Weeping Angels all the time, which monster wins for scary?


Our top 11 moments of the eleventh Doctor using the Sonic Screwdriver.

Did we miss any? What’s your favorite Sonic Screwdriver moment in Season 5?


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