Doctorin’ the Tardis by The Timelords (The KLF)


Back when I was a DJ at ROCU, The Radio of Clark University, I was digging though the old record collection when I stumbled across a record by the Timelords (KLF, really) with the very late 80’s electronic tune called Doctorin’ the Tardis!  As an old school Doctor Who fan I immediately went Bananas over how awesome this track was both in terms of it’s love for the classic British Sci-Fi series as well as it’s unashamedly campiness!  Here is the original track and music video as a beat-up old police car smashes a few cardboard Daleks!  Enjoy the ridiculousness!

Regeneration is Useless (With Two Broken Hearts)


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Still Got Legs


The first thing I pulled out was a DFTBA sticker! So cute! How cute? So cute!

Then I pulled out the CD!

And here’s the back:

when opened it looks like the front of the TARDIS! AHH AMAZING!

The inside! Isn’t the CD so cool looking??

And the little booklet thing has lyrics

And a poster with all the guys! AHH!! I LOVE IT!!

Everything together:

This is definitely the best thing I have gotten in the mail. Ever.

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Just made a mix of Trock and Wrock


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a trock song I wrote called wouldn’t have missed it for the world. ignore my awkwardness. and I can post lyrics if people actually want them or anyways, hope you guys like it :3

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Turn Left - A Girl From Earth

This is the best opening to a Trock album in existence so far. Get Turn Left’s Void Stuff on iTunes.

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Guess what I’ll be listening to tonight??

On Sunday we TROCK ON!!!


Guess what I’ll be listening to tonight??

On Sunday we TROCK ON!!!

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An Awful Lot of Running - Chameleon Circuit

Reblog if you listen to Trock music.


On Sunday we Trock On!

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