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DOCTOR WHO (Version feat Tenor Fly)

Original theme by Ron Grainer
Performed and Arranged by Smerins Anti-Social Club
Vocals by Tenor Fly
Produced and Mixed by John Hendicott

What is Time Lord Rock (Trock)?

Hey there :D

Okay, so I recently discovered you really really like Dr Who - which I think is awesome, by the way - and I was just asking if you’ve heard of TROCK.

If not, I’ll explain it to you.

So, basically, it’s this type of music that a 20 something year old British guy came up with a couple of years ago called “Time Lord Rock” or Trock, for short. In case you haven’t already guessed, it’s music based on, and written about, the TV series Dr Who.



Anyway, if you haven’t heard of it, I really suggest you listen to some of the songs, because they’re truly amazing and the people that wrote them are awesome. (I’m not one of those people, sadly, I’m just a very very very good fan.)

So the band is called Chameleon Circuit, , (Yeah, I know. Again, awesome.) which is one of the… most “cursed” parts of the TARDIS because it almost NEVER works and they’re British (well, one guy is American, which is cool too) - I mean, I don’t really need to specify that, but I think British people are awesome, so I thought I’d throw that in there… and also because their singing is fairly British-accented, so you would have picked up on it anyway.

But yeah… I thought since you love Dr Who so much, I’d mention it. And… since this an ask, not a tell, thingy… I’d ask you a question.

How is it that you’re so good at art aaaaanndddd…. who’s your favourite doctor OF ALL TIME? (no pun intended, by the way.)

So yeah… thank you very much for taking the time to read this incredibly long “question” and I hope you like the music. <3 me.. in all my wondrous lots-of-typing glory.



New Trock Band! Wooo!


So, Brittney(thetenthdoctorscompanion), Kyle(tardisinhogwarts), Lexi, and I are making a trock (time-lord rock) band! And we need your opinions on names!

So far, the choices are:

  • TARDIS Trackers
  • The Almost People
  • Last of the Time Lords
  • Partners in Time
  • The Lodgers
  • Day of the Moon
  • Children of Earth

So what do you all think?

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Doctor Who - Parry Gripp

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Rory’s Song

Born and raised in Leadworth
Growing up with Amy Pond

Was always kind of weird
She made him dress up
but they got along

But when the Doctor arrived
He didn’t know quite how to feel

I mean, imagine if your girlfriend’s imaginary friend
turned out to be real!

Cause he’s the boy who waited
Rory Williams, underrated
Amy’s perfect husband
And the Doctor loves him

And it’s true, he was plastic for a while
But that didn’t affect his heart

He was determined to protect his wife
He saved Amy from the very start

And just because he’s died a few times
Doesn’t make him less of a man

What doesn’t kill him makes him stronger
If anyone can do it, Rory can

Cause he’s the boy who waited
Rory Williams, underrated
Amy’s perfect husband
And the Doctor loves him

Rory Williams, Rory Pond, Roranicus
Older than the Doctor but somehow always bringing happiness

Rory Williams, Rory Pond, the Last Centurion
With a little bit of skepticism
He’ll always get it done


the new assistant | tom milsom

Don’t mind me, just trocking on!



Imaginary Friend - Original Trock song

NOTE: I say “series 6” I meant to say “series 5”

(I apologise, I’m not the best singer)

:3 I hope you guys liked it! If you didn’t, just tell me and I’ll go back to drawing comics, thanks! ^__^

I loves you!

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Everything is Ending
Chameleon Circuit
Still Got Legs

I could not love Doctor Who more. 

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My Reality - Starwhale Danceparty featuring Alex Carpenter

(Get the song here)

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Doctorin’ the Tardis by The Timelords (The KLF)


Back when I was a DJ at ROCU, The Radio of Clark University, I was digging though the old record collection when I stumbled across a record by the Timelords (KLF, really) with the very late 80’s electronic tune called Doctorin’ the Tardis!  As an old school Doctor Who fan I immediately went Bananas over how awesome this track was both in terms of it’s love for the classic British Sci-Fi series as well as it’s unashamedly campiness!  Here is the original track and music video as a beat-up old police car smashes a few cardboard Daleks!  Enjoy the ridiculousness!

Time Lord Rock - What is time lord rock?

What is time lord rock?

Simply put, time lord rock (or “trock”) is a term to describe music about/inspired by the tv show Doctor Who.

It can be any genre or style, original or parody, professional or DIY, and it can be about the old series as well as recent ones. Sometimes, even people involved with the show sing songs about it!

(For more info and music links, check out this site.)

Regeneration is Useless (With Two Broken Hearts)


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