better with you: Doctor Who PSD Masterpost


These are just some PSDs that I have personally used and like.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, these are just some of my favorite psd makers I’ve found. The links that look like [x] are direct links to my favorites.


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The One Nail To Rule Them All tutorial


simplegameofgenius recently asked me if I could make a tutorial on how I did my Lord of the Rings nails, so, here it is. If you’re interested, click on the read more.


I used this same decal technique when I did my Doctor Who nails back in August. :)


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Check out billythebrime’s Doctor Who nail art here.


More tips:

  • The closest I could find on Amazon to the watercolour set I use is the Sakura brand of Koi Assorted WaterColours Field Set.
  • Just use any old toothbrush. I used to use the ones that my dentist would give me after a visit, just because those were kind of cheap and I wouldn’t actually use them anyways.
  • I use acrylic for flicking and highlights because watercolour-whites tend to fade when they dry. 
  • Also, remember to keep your hands clean, because nothing’s worse than smudging graphite into your watercolours and then unable to get it out.
  • Try to avoid black and white when possible. They tend to dull the colours and it loses that watercolouring lustre. 

Since I started watercolouring again for my daily sketches, I’ve gotten a lot of asks/dA notes on if I could give a tutorial on watercolouring and also more specific questions that overlapped each other, so I decided to do a semi guide/tips/answering thing.

I actually started watercolouring before I went into digital medium, so I have a bit of personal experience, but I am essentially self-taught when it comes to watercolouring since there weren’t a lot of watercolour tutorials online back then to begin with, so I cannot promise that these are the absolute correct way of doing things. 

Hope it helps anyways :)

My Other Tutorials/Guides | My Daily Sketches


psd 1 by gifscolor


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We’re sharing some of your best gif and art tutorials for Tumblr Tutorial Tuesday.

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How to put multiple gifs in one (& shape them).



Like this one:


Note: Quite long and image heavy.

If you know the basics of shapes and photoshopping in general, you may want to skip to the essentials.

  • Shape Essentials{E01}
  • Multiple Gifs in One Essentials {E02}
  • Gif Shaping Essentials {E03}

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We’re sharing some of your best gif and art tutorials for Tumblr Tutorial Tuesday.

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