Matt & Jenna: Do you have fun with the wardrobe?


Do you have fun with the wardrobe?  What, in your opinion, is the best costume you have gotten to wear?

MATT: Yeah. We’ve got this new costume designer called Howard— [JENNA: The Big H!]—who has just really, reinvented the show in an amazing way. For me he’s given me this great purple coat.


JENNA: (wait a sec…) That’s the fandom trying to figure out where I come from? That’s a sneaky little trick! I think just Christmas, the two Victorian ones which Howard handmade from scratch. Oswin was fun, there was a great utility belt that I got to play with.


MATT: I really liked that red costume.

JENNA: Yeah.

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Yeah we choose what we want to wear then we nick it from them

Arthur Darvill on the wardrobe department at Doctor Who

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