If you ran a Tumblr...


What would the main focus be? (e.g., Cats, Socks, Bowties…)

JENNA: I’d like to do a photography Tumblr. Or I’d like to do one about anything that inspires you during the day. Like pictures, or a poem, or a little quote or a thought. I do have loads of quote books and things I read.

MATT: My best friend Alex Bond because he is an extraordinary human being.


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Where is you favorite place to shop?


Dear Matt and Jenna,

First of all, HELLO!

And this is the….


Thank you for holding this Tumblr Q/A session! Well here’s the question:

Directed towards both of you: Where is you favorite place to shop?

Love from the U.S,


MATT: In New York, I like a place called Opening Ceremony. And I like Acne. And a place called Dover Street Market. [JENNA: Ahh, Dover Street Market!] If any of those shops are on Tumblr….

JENNA: Ehmm, where do I like to shop…Where did I last go when I was in New York? Apparently there’s a place called Number 6 that I’m going to try. Artists and Fleas is really cool. [points to her blouse] I got this from Artists and Fleas last time I was in New York.

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