(Spoilery) Doctor Who Confidential on Let’s Kill Hitler

Again, we like our episodes pure so we’re putting the embed after the break.

From Anglophenia:

Here’s a little excerpt from the BBC’s Doctor Who Confidential, in which everyone heroically attempts to describe the goings on without giving away too much. A feat which is clearly close to sawdust-plaiting in its complexity.

We still think it gives away too much so click the read more if you’re the type that hates puppies and rainbows doesn’t care about spoilers.

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(Source: blogs.bbcamerica.com)

A Sneak Peek at Let’s Kill Hitler!


Get an exclusive sneak peek at the all new episode of DOCTOR WHO, “Let’s Kill Hitler,” premiering this Saturday, August 27 at 9/8c only on BBC America!

As you should probably know by now we hate spoilers. So we’re putting this video behind the ‘read more’ so that you can ignore this post if you’d like.

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The Least Spoilery Promo Pics from the Fall 2011 Season

There are a bunch of promo pics being posted to the BBC America (and BBC) sites this week. We’ve chosen to repost the least spoilery ones of the bunch*.

*Note: we said “least spoilery” not “least freaky”.

Have you all seen the mild spoiler for “Let’s Kill Hitler”?

We’re debating posting about it. It isn’t as big as it’s being made out to be but it’s kind of neat anyway.

Ok. We’re posting a link to it after the read more… but HONESTLY, we wouldn’t click if we were you.

Never mind. We’re taking the spoiler back. You can find it yourselves if you want to see it. We hate spoilers.

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