You know, the entire time I was making that last gif, I kept telling myself, “No one’s going to read this. It’s too much text.” 


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Livetumblring Closing Time Tonight

Hello Lovelies,

It’s Us. The Nerdist is letting us say hello (Hello! Kiss Kiss! This is how we greet each nowadays, isn’t it?) while he continues to curate this Tumblr until showtime tonight.

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So we’ll see you tonight as usual, right? We’ll be livetumblring Closing Time, once from 9-10p EDT and then again from 9-10p PDT.

If you need to avoid spoilers, install Tumblr Savior. We’ve posted a link to instructions for all browsers. We highly recommend it. 

And after Closing Time tonight there’s a Nerdist special (#squee) with Matt Smith and Craig Ferguson at 10p EST.

Big ups to Chris Hardwick, aka the Nerdist, for curating this Tumblr yesterday and today!

Okay, now we’ll let him keep doing that. Laters.

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