If this gets 200k notes by the time I graduate (June 2014), I’ll do this across the stage after receiving my nursing diploma and post a video of it here for all of you lovely people to see.



btw, just to show you that we *do* bookmark and check in on these self-inflicted self-made Whovian Challenge things, here’s an update on the drunken giraffe challenge of July 2012:

Note: If you’re following me because of the Drunken Giraffe at Graduation post, let me drop some knowledge on you: I’M POSTING THE VIDEO. I’m also thinking about wearing a fez and bow tie ;)

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unmended: If this gets 1,000 notes…


If this gets 1,000 notes then I will go to the mall dressed as the doctor and run around asking people questions such as what year it is and asking if they have seen a big blue box, etc.

I will video tape and take pictures.

What the heck. We’ll bite. Anybody want to help get this to 1k notes?


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