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Stewdippin does a fantastic job explaining his Whovian love for those who might be #New to WHO. Show him some love back by leaving him a comment and liking his video.

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Do the thing to this video!

Here’s an amazing Doctor Who fan animation video by Richard Swarbrick that will make you want to go to YouTube to like and leave a comment to share the Whovian love.

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Hey guise. We just thought of a thing. LET’S ALL DO A THING.

All week we’ve been highlighting dozens of brand new videos being shared for Doctor Who Week. But this doesn’t acknowledge the thousands of fan videos that Whovians have made since the beginning of time (and YouTube).

Go to YouTube. Search ‘Doctor Who’ or ‘Doctor Who Week’ and spread a TON of love to your fellow Whovians. We all know Doctor Who fans are the friendliest people in the world, but let’s be extra friendly and loving today.

Also, if you find a video that you think needs a little extra love, post it to your Tumblr with the tag “doctor who fanvids are the best”. 

And here’s the trick. Don’t let anyone know why you’re doing this. When you’re commenting, don’t say that we sent you.

The videos in the gallery are from 6hrsofbatterylife, Pteryx Videos, Alfie Mcbride, MITAsymptones and It’s Aimee.


Here are some of the comments you left on It’s Aimee’s video:

Let’s keep going! Find more Doctor Who videos on YouTube to like and comment on.

And remember…don’t say we sent you. Let’s just keep spreading the Whovian love.

Raise your Sonic Screwdrivers in the air!  Whovians Unite!
Thanks for the photo aimeekitty! 

Raise your Sonic Screwdrivers in the air!  Whovians Unite!

Thanks for the photo aimeekitty


Students of the Time Lord Academy unite!


Students of the Time Lord Academy unite!

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These New Tears: So proud right now.


My husband is not really geek. He’d never been to the theatre before I met him. He

He has been introduced to many aspects of the geek culture through me, of course. He’s tolerated my Buffy marathons. He’ll sit through vlogbrothers videos I insist on showing him.

One of those things he used to…

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My family are awesome we just sang the entire Doctor Who theme tune at the dinner table


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Somehow my whole family is watching Doctor Who right now


This has never happened before, and I am so excited. :’D I also learned my older brother knows all about the show too and watches it on his own. WHAT?

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Doctor Who is on!


My brother actually admitted to liking the show and is watching it with me.


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My little sister wasn’t allowed to watch TV today for some reason.


She talked back to my parents or something. So when my dad and I went downstairs to watch Doctor Who, she got really bored. 

I said, “Read a book, books are good. Draw a picture, maybe. Draw a TARDIS!”

And she turned her nose up at that idea. “Of course I’m not doing that, that’s silly.”

I just came upstairs, and look what I found open on the desktop:

and this was on the kitchen table:

There we go, little sis! 

Little geeks rock too.

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Why doesn’t everyone in the world watch Doctor Who


I don’t understand

How could we introduce the Doctor to more Newvians?

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Whovian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rory

^We’re coming for you… 

  • # Arthur Darvill
  • # Rory Williams
  • # Series 5
  • # Series 6
  • # WSPCR
  • # Whovian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rory
  • # doctor who
  • # stop killing rory!
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Show off your Doctor Awareness!


    Show off your Doctor Awareness!

    You know what? Yes, David Tenant was a great doctor, but you see… Matt...


    You know what? Yes, David Tenant was a great doctor, but you see… Matt Smith he’s MY doctor, and I hope people can appreciate this statement truly when I and other people say it. It’s not that we are saying he is a better doctor than Nine (btw, I think Nine was absolutely brilliant too….

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