And if you’re reading these words that means that our livetumblring of Nightmare in Silver has come to an end.

We’re going to try to get through this next bit of business without blowing up this planet (or any other planet. or spot. or whatever.) We have a bunch of really important clips to share with you including both a Behind the Scenes and Doctor Who Insider on Nightmare in Silver, the promo trailer for next week’s episode The Name of The Doctor, along with its prequel.

We also have a bunch of production artwork and storyboards to share — they’re especially cool this week.

We’ll be browsing Doctor Who related tags for more of your reactions to tonight’s episode so if you have more to share, please do. We’ll be reblogging throughout the rest of the weekend (with spoiler tags still in effect.)

We should probably remind you again about the "The Doctor Who Tumblr Asked For My Autograph" poster project — we’d love to have you take part so find instructions at this link.

Stick around for Orphan Black (in progress) if you’re watching BBC America or Space Channel and see you in the dashboard!


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