Time and Relative Dimension in Space


Time and Relative Dimension iSpace

When you deal with a show like Doctor Who

you have to qualify things like that


Doctor Who is the longest-running science-fiction television series of all known time.

…of all known time. All known time?! Is there a science-fiction television series that existed before written history? Or are we including other universes? Alternate timelines? 

(from the BBC America Shop)

Georgia Moffett (Peter Davison’s daughter) played The Doctor’s Daughter in the episode ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’

Doctor Who Confidential: Series 4 - The Doctor’s Daughter

David: Peter Davison is Georgia’s dad. There is a… clearly a very strong Doctor Who link there.

Peter: She rang me up I remember she said: “Can I tell you my first line?” And I said yeah, go on then, “It’s ‘Hello, Dad!” [laughing] 

Georgia: The first line was “Hello Dad” and I was like Oh my God.

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