Doctor Who Tumblr Presents The Guide To Celebrating the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Weekend, November 22-24, 2013


We’ve been celebrating the Doctor Who 50th all year with you on the Doctor Who TumblrClassic Who, New Who, Episodes, Doctors, Companions, Fans, and Creators.

Together we’ve celebrated a Doctor a Month and rejoiced in a new season (7.2) and a new companion (Clara Oswin Oswald).

We’ve witnessed the announcement of a new Doctor and seen the triumphant return of missing episodes.

We held the 50th-themed Doctor Who Fan Meetup at San Diego Comic Con, and have reveled in the imagination of your 50 Days of Doctor Who 50th posts.

Everything we’ve done together all year — all of this — has been in anticipation of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Weekend. And now we’re just about here.


First: let’s get the basics out of the way:

If you need to know where and when to watch the November 23 global simulcast of Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor, click here.


There is a slew of all new special Doctor Who TV programming premiering this week on BBC America (US), BBC (UK), Space Channel (CAN), and ABCTV (AUS). Click the links for each network to see their full schedules.

For everything else, including links to exclusive content, livetumblring + livetweeting, and platforms to follow read all the interesting bits below….


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