I Am (not) The Doctor
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Murray Gold created a YouTube account. This just happened.

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We want YOU in the next Doctor Who “Best of” Special!

Record your wittiest, most festive answers to the any of the questions in this video and submit it as a response video on YouTube!

Want a chance to share your love of all things Doctor Who with TV viewers across America? Some celebrity Whovians are asking holiday-related Doctor Who questions and they want to know your answers.

Submit your best response here and your video just might appear on the upcoming “Doctor Who: Best of the Christmas Specials” program on BBC America or online.

• Would you rather go sleigh riding with a Dalek or make snow angels with an Ood?
• Would you rather ride with Santa in his sleigh or The Doctor in his TARDIS?
• Would you rather find yourself under mistletoe with a Weeping Angel or The Silence?
• Would you rather spend Christmas traveling with the Doctor or relaxing at home with Amy and Rory?
• Would you rather eat fish fingers and custard or a traditional Christmas dinner?
• Would you rather see Santa Claus come down your chimney or the Doctor land in your yard?
• Would you rather find a Sonic Screwdriver in your stocking or a TARDIS under your Christmas tree?

Dear Tumblr.

We want to see you in this episode.

Please submit videos.

Love, us.

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Exclusive Interview with Steven Moffat by Steven Moffat’s Son (March 2010)

Steven’s son interviews Steven. On Steven’s son’s YouTube channel. In Steven’s son’s bedroom. And then the cat.

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Doctor Who Fan Orchestra: “This Is Gallifrey / Vale Decem”

The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra are proud to present their second collaboration: “This Is Gallifrey” & “Vale Decem” by Murray Gold.

MP3 file download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8058374/DWFO%20-%20This%20Is%20Gallifrey%20-%20Vale%2…

The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra invites musical fans of Doctor Who to take part in an online collaborative celebration of Murray Gold’s music. Participants submitted recordings for this work from August to October.

The next piece will be “Rose’s Theme / Doomsday”. To take part, look out for instructions in the upcoming advertisement! :)

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30 Days of Summer Break with Doctor Who

Day 22: What is your favorite Who-related video on YouTube?


UKpiano - I am the Doctor

Me playing this wonderful piece from the soundtrack to the more recent BBC series 5 of Doctor Who, composed by Murray Gold.

This arrangement is my own and learnt purely by ear. The performance, as with all my performances on Youtube, is played straight/live with no before or after editing whatsoever, the strings sound you hear is just dual voiced with piano for effect, but still played at same time as the actual grand piano voice, so there is no added parts to the performance.

I cant remember the last time I had so much fun with a piece or had so much enjoyment from learning a piece and practicing it, cant say the same for performing it in front of a camera as I get nervous and have to concentrate even harder not to slip up and make mistakes. I always feel I lose some of the fun through recording, but its the only way other people obviously can get to hear me playing, so its worth it :)

Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy this as much as I did learning and playing through it.

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River Song Of The Day:

mega-girl told us, “I wrote a Trock song about River Song!” 

Lyrics here; nicely done, mega-girl.

Charlie McDonnell - Doctor What

wolfie-kun: Tis epic XD

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Q: What would you do if you had a time machine?

Share your Time Machine stories on YouTube with the tag ifihadatimemachine or on Twitter with the hashtag #ifihadatimemachine and check out all stories at TimeMachineTales.com

BLACK NERD TIME MACHINE 80s-90s (DOCTOR WHO)  : Black Nerd Comedy - Hating the 2000s, I turn my closet into a TARDIS and travel back to my favorite decade, the 1980s and/or 90s. But I remember what the 80s and/or 90s were truly like for me and cause more problems when I try to alter the past to make myself rich.

Inspired by DOCTOR WHO. Catch the Season Premiere Sat Apr 23, 2011 at 9/8 C on BBC America.

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If I had a Time Machine (#ifihadatimemachine) silverwolfpet would go to the Middle Ages

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Doctor Who: 47 Years in 6 Minutes by TheFineBros

Before Doctor Who, the longest-running and most-successful sci-fi show in history, comes to America next week for an all-new season, we recap all 47 years of the show in just one take!

And don’t miss the new season, starting Saturday April 23rd, 2011 at 9/8c only on BBC America!

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